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A fogbank envelops the seastacks and beaches along the Pacific coast of Washington. This outing started as an effort to photograph the sunset near Giants Graveyard but the fogbank had other ideas. Its approach was subtle at first, then nearly ominous as the temperature dropped and the wind shifted. The beach went from sun splashed to ashen in about ten minutes. Locking in for the night, the fog lingered through the next morning as I walked out to Toleak Point, a sandy promontory. Total mileage for this overnighter was thirteen. This trail takes one through deep rainforest to circumvent several impassable headlands. And once on the beach, tides may limit or prevent travel when they are high or incoming.

Seastacks, Washington coastline, Olympic Peninsula, fog,beaches
Fogbank, Olympic Peninsula
6 x 24, 8 x 30, 10 x 36 (all approximate)