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Tidal pools and seastacks reveal themselves at low tide along the Washington coast near Cape Johnson. The coastline offers challenging hiking terrain here with slippery rocks, clumps of seaweed in tidal pools, and fallen trees that force one to clamber over or walk around near the water's edge. Hiking with attention to tide changes is imperative here. The spot where I took this photograph is well away from the shore and under water at high tide. The seastacks in the distance are a danger to ships. In a nearby cove is the Chilean Memorial, a mass grave for poor unfortunates who went down in foundering ships, victims of tide, fog and the mysterious rock towers that litter this section of coastline. Cape Johnson is about four miles from Rialto Beach and the trailhead; it's one of the most photogenic places on the coast.

Seastacks, Washington coastline, tidal pools, hiking trails
Low Tide and Seastacks, Cape Johnson, Washington
6 x 24, 8 x 30, 10 x 36, all approximate