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The Emmons Glacier rises nearly seven thousand feet above the long ridge that comprises Burroughs Mt. in Mt. Rainier National Park. Easily accessed from Sunrise on the northeast flank of Mt. Rainier, Burroughs Mt. offers the visitor a quintessential view of mighty Tahoma. My wife and I have hiked this peak several times, it offers wide open views as the glaciers tower above. The hikers in the foreground stand on the first summit as the trail extends in the distance to the second summit. One can get closer still by ascending to a third summit which makes for an arduous day hike of more than ten miles. The final two thousand feet of the standard climbing route of Mt. Rainier is visible in this picture. It's the left skyline from the long, flat buttress called Gibraltar Rock zigzagging up the Emmons to the crest. The shadowy cliff to the right of the crest is the Willis Wall. And at the far left is Little Tahoma Peak.

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Mt. Rainier from Burroughs Mtn.
digital panoramic
6 x 24, 8 x 30, 10 x 36 (all approximate)